Frequently asked questions

What booking package is right for me?

Lifestyle packages are typically intended for photoshoots celebrating life's most special moments. Portrait packages are typically intended for photoshoots containing only one person. Wedding & Event packages are intended for those celebrating special events.

What should I wear to a photoshoot?

1. Usually when planning for a shoot, wear things that are comfortable but make you feel good. 2. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes if you are intending to wear heels or dress shoes in case traveling from one location to another occurs or general discomfort. 3. Avoid anything too close to your own skin tone. 4. Layers can be a great help!

Why are photoshoots so long?

That's a great question and one I am passionate about answering. In my experience, 15 minute and 30 minute shoots are often not enough time to warm up and feel comfortable in the setting and sometimes awkward photographic atmosphere surrounding a photoshoot. Since Judith Rackow Photography LLC runs independent of a brick and mortar studio, locations are the 'studio set' and sometimes require time to travel to or between. Having shoots that last longer allows for ample amount of comfort and a buffer for travel time.

How can I book services with Judith Rackow Photography LLC?

There are a couple different ways that's possible. 1. On this site itself under the 'Book Online' tab next to 'Investment'. 2. By filling out the Contact form located in the 'Tell Me More' tab. 3. By emailing me at 4. By direct message on Instagram @judithrackowphotographyllc 5. By private message on Facebook at Judith Rackow Photography LLC

How can I pay for my photoshoot?

You can finish your transaction and reserve your spot a few different ways. 1. On this site itself under the 'Book Online' tab next to 'Investment'*. 2. Venmo to @judith-rackow* 3. Cash or Check in Person. 4. Credit Card* *Methods incur a 3% fee which will be billed to the client Clients have the option of paying a nonrefundable 30% deposit at booking or session price in full. Both will guarantee the timeslot chosen and ONE reschedule due to weather or extenuating circumstances.

How much notice must I provide before a cancellation or reschedule?

You must provide at least 48 hours notice before changing or rescheduling. Any changes made closer to the session/photoshoot than 48 hours will result in a $55 charge per change. ($55 per time change/location change/date change)

Do you have a studio that will serve as the meeting point for my photoshoot?

Judith Rackow Photography LLC currently operates independent of a brick and mortar studio and thus requires clients to book and name a location and intended time of meeting. Plus photoshoots on location are so much more fun!

If I need to add more time/another location/a clothing change/another person during a session, how will I be charged?

It often happens that clients want to add something more to their shoot after thinking about what needs they have in a photoshoot. If you find yourself needing more time or a change in scenery or clothing, or even adding someone new to the scene, you will be billed for those following the conclusion of the shoot. Clothing/location change - $55 Additional 30 minute add-on (during Full Sessions Only) - $50 Additional person (during Full Sessions Only) - $45

Can I bring my dog?

The answer is and will always be yes! (Please have a backup plan in case things get a little too crazy with your furry friend.)

What kinds of things will I photograph?

Surprise engagements, athletic games, couple's photos, celebrations and/or ceremonies, weddings, personal photoshoots, people mainly.

Is there anything you are not comfortable photographing?

Insects, babies, and rude unruly people.

Is there a fee for a no-show?

Yes. You will be required to pay 100% of the shoot cost.

Is there a fee for a cancellation less than 48 hours until the shoot?

Yes. You will be required the pay 50% of the shoot cost.

What if I need to change a detail about my shoot with less than 48 hours until it happens?

Any changes (location, date, or time) will incur a $50 fee per change if done closer than 48 hours to the shoot.